Friday, October 4, 2013

Fitness apparel vs fitness equipment

When I first started thinking about getting fit for weight loss all I could think of was how expensive the things are to get. Things such as treadmill or elliptical or other big ticket items that could help me loss weight and keep it off.

But ever since I started shopping clearance section clothing for plus sized t-shirts and tank tops and so I  figured why buy a big ticket item if just getting comfortable and moving around was enough.

So Tuesday I purchased a 3 pack of sports bras in plus size as well as a few tank tops. And later on that day I purchased my second 3 pack same size. Now I have 6 new sports bras and a total of 6 new tank tops. Including what I purchased today for tank tops.

I think what I am going to do is rather then buying a treadmill for a few hundred dollars with a weight limit of 350 I will purchase a few different pieces of clothing and do some at home exercise lessons.

It would be cheaper then purchasing a big piece of equipment.

"I think when it comes to someone just starting out. Beginning slow and steady is the best way to go at it. Rather then purchasing a big ticket item you may or may not even use."

A few good exercise videos and a comfortable outfit is the way to go I think.

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