Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to use the newest yahoo mail as of 8/17/2016

Well the first thing I'm going to do is give some steps to get started. If your already have a free yahoo mail acocunt and have all the newest options available to you then there's not much that I need to do but help with the organizing process.

Step 1 sign into your yahoo mail account.

step 2 visit your "spam folder". (Now the reason for the visit to be first in the spam is so that you can remove all the mail that is not spam and place it into its own location. So that everytime you get something from this specific place they all get grouped together.I will show you how to do this.)

Step 3 now once into your spam folder find a email that is not spam if you can if you can't just start deleting the spam that is spam. And then move to the inbox.

Step 4 ether in the "spam" or "inbox" find a e-mail from a sender you get e-mails from often or just something that is important enough to put in its own folder.

(*Example I am signed up for lifescript e-mails so I get them from 3 or 4 different kinds of lifescript senders. Such as lifescript daily fit and diabeties and also healthy living and so on. But I want to store them in the same folder but without having to scroll through dozens of e-mails a day.)

Step 5 All I need to do is "open a e-mail sent by" lifescript daily fit or which ever is on the top of my e-mails. And then once its opened go to the "left side" of the screen and find  "folders" and hover next to the word folders and clck the little "plus button" and "create a new folder" named Lifescript. Then wait a few seconds to make shore the folder was created and then click on the e-mail once again and click "more" and in the little drop down click "filter e-mails like this..."

Then a window will pop up and have a few things to be filled in It will say.

Add filter

then filter name (*Which should already be filled in. Since your not making a random filter your opening it from a E-mail that your viewing. So some of this should already be done for you.)

My filter name is "Lifescript Diet and Fitness Newsletter" (*Since that's the first one I'm doing. of the lifescript e-mails.)

Now it should say.
"If an incoming message meets all of the condition"

then there's more to fill in such as

from/ to/cc/subject/and body.

From should already be filled in mine is the e-mail address from Lifescript diet and fitness which is a different e-mail address then the others from lifescript.

So All I need to do is leave the from area alone and leave the filter name alone and then just select the folder where all of these e-mails go which would be lifescript.  And then click save.

Now all the e-mails from this address will go into the lifescript folder.

There's even a way to save all the other lifescript e-mails into this same folder as well.

All I would need to do is open a e-mail from a different lifescript sender. And follow the same steps.

But the e-mail we just used to create the filter will not be moved its just the future e-mails that your account receives so to move this one just click the folder icon in the e-mail and move it into the folder made for this filter. Simple.

Now I'm going to open a different e-mail from lifescript such as one from "lifescript healthy advantage" and I'm going top create another filter and then place it into the same folder name lifescript.

Now since this e-mail is still from lifescript I'm still going to use lifescript folder but since it's from a different e-mail address I made a different filter. Instead of editing the original filter. From the first e-mail.

Above is how to make a filter from a opened email 

 Here's a trick on how to quickly move multiple e-mails from a specific send to a specific folder.

Step 1 To get started find a e-mail you want to go to a specific folder from that sender. I'm going to be using lifescript healthy advantage.

Step 2 Open the e-mail from lifescript healthy advantage and then find the e-mails sender information mine shows." Lifescript healthy advantage<E-mail address from sender> date time  and below that it shows Dawn Brockman.

Step 3 hover over the senders information and then there will be some information pop up showing stuff like. "full e-mail address from sender and phone information if available and then "Search e-mails" click on search e-mails."

Once you click on search e-mails a new e-mail tab will open showing you all the e-mails from that specific e-mail address. It will even show you the number of results from that senders e-mail address. So since these are the e-mails you already received you will need to move them manully. Or one at a time.

So here's what to do next to move them.

Now click on the little check box below the word "From" and above the words "Recent Results" then click the folder with the little down facing arrow on it to select your folder I selected lifescript.

I had over 1000 results and it moved all of them at once into the folder.

Now just keep doing this for all of your important e-mails and it will help you get organized.

Below how to stop receiving e-mails from sender you no longer wish to receive e-mails from.

Scroll to the bottom of the e-mail its self and cllick unsubcribe. It may take a few days to stop the e-mails from coming though.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Things to do today 8/11/2016

first things first start downloading some of my digital magazines there's over a dozen of them I need to have downloaded today so while I have them downloading I'm going to clean out my cabinet that's in my room that I use to hold my paper magazines and my 32" tv and my desktop tower. And a bunch of random stuff. Hopefully I can get some of the bigger problem areas taken care of today.

So step 1 step downloading magazines step 2 start cleaning out the cabinet.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Its been a while since my last post : Today I will be working on uncluttering and organizing my room

I know I know its been forever. But hopefully that will be changing pretty soon.

As of today I'm going to tell you whats been going on.

First since the school shopping has started up again. I have decided to get a handle on my bedroom/exercise room/craft room.

And hopefully I can get a big head start on that today still.

I recently purchased a few pull out wire drawers from my local habitat for humanity. I bought 2 big drawers and 2 small drawers all I need to buy from the local store yesterday was the screws to install the tracks for them. And I'm planning on putting them in my cabinet.

So today I'm going to be working on organizing and uncluttering my bedroom cabinet and just my bedroom in general.

And I also have a few other things I'm going to be doing in my bedroom in the next 2 or 3 days.List is below.
1.Install drawers in cabinet
2.hang up my peg board
3.hang up my cork board
4.hang up my dry erase paper
5.move the cabinet to the other wall
6.clean out closet
7.organize, organize, organize

So wish me some luck.

I'm getting to the pile of random stuff from the photos. And I will take after photos also.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

15 Windows 10 Tutorials: From

Last night I decided to tinker with my Windows 10 Desktop. After all its been awhile since I have used any Tutorials from so I decided to visit the forum and take a look through there Tutorial posts. And in doing so I found 15 Tutorials I was going to do by the end of the day today.

Below is a 15 link list to each tutorial post if you wish to view other tutorials starting from the main tutorial page here's a link to that area. TenForum Tutorials

There are many many more tutorials on the forum site plus if you have a problem or question about windows ten (10) you can also ask on there for help. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

How to organize a free yahoo email account

If you have just one for personal use or even a secondary email for freebies and coupons and samples. Organizing a email may be just what you need to think about.

First of all if your personal email has your name then a secondary one with the reason for its use should contain its name. Example
Dawnscoupons@ for example.

That way its kept more organized. Second this to try and do is make shore your browser saves the email address and password. But make shore your the only one that can access this. For example have it on only your pc or your user account.

I have firefox make shore it remembers all my email accounts even for loging into yahoo mail.

I also keep a autofill addon set up on my firefox. For filling out samples and freebies and forum sites.

I also use filters for specific email accounts.

For folders titled coupons,samples,received. And then one for forums.

That way if you receive the item place all the emails from the items you have received in the received folder. And make shore you keep a list of the items never received. After all why fill out for the same thing over and over again.

Filters and folders are the best way to go. Plus installign the yahoo toolbar and making shore you have the mail button on it will also help with knowing when you receive emails.

Plus by using mail in windows helps also.

I have my gmail and yahoo both set up in there.

I hope this helped.