Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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Well today aunt Sandy took me food shopping to wal-mart in my local area.  And I only spent about $20.00 for odds and ends.

I bought a large container of fat-free greek plain yogurt. For about $3.00 it is 130 calories for one cup serving. 23g protein. Yogurt is a great value name brand.

Plus I also bought some already sliced cheese its sargento ultra thin slices colby-jack 40 calories per slice. And there's 7g protein per 3 slices.I bought 2 packs.

I also bought great value turkey breast fat-free 5g protein per slice. Also a good deal.

I bought a few other items and only spent $19.44 I bought a half a tart sweet cherry pie. And also bought a gallon of fat free milk great value.

I did a good job with getting some good deals.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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I'm making a schedule for my favorite anime episodes and movie and tv show episodes.

First off I'm going to be using the basic calendar from google. But I wont be sharing it like online or through facebook. I will just keep it so I can keep up with the time for releases on my android phone.

It might sound kind of time consuming but its not all that bad. Here's all I need to do sign up for a free google account. Which I already have since I have a blogger account.

So now all I need to do is go to the main google page or look up google calendar on a search.

The calendar url is I just upgraded my calendar. It looks vary easy to use to make a schedule. I have never personally used it before I just decided to make my schedule a few minutes ago. So I'm working on it while I'm writing this post.

I personally am a huge anime fan. So what I do is I look for upcoming anime on the animenewsnetwork site and then I look for the previews or trailer on youtube and then from there I get the release dates. But for the anime that are already out I just look for the episode release dates and times on crunchyroll. If your anything like me and enjoy anime also here's what you can try. Visit crunchyroll to find the anime you like and then on the main animes page there will be a time and date schedule listed under there main image.

It will show the anime title for example drifters. And then the episodes with there images. And then over to the right it will show the drifter main image and then say this"About the show" under that it will show time and date for the viewing of the new episodes. Which I will be placing on the schedule.

but since I'm just a free member of crunchyroll I can't watch the news episodes on there I go to another site about 1 hour later and watch for free.

So I get the schedules for the animes I like from crunchyroll and then I watch on other sites.

Next lets do TV shows. For example lucifer which I already know when that's on but I will still give some example sites. Like tvmuse schedule. Which is where I find TV show schedules. You can even find links to streaming episode on the episodes comments section a lot of the time. Which is also helpful. Now for movie release dates and times there's no place I use more then imdb. And the reason is because I can find things by month rather then just going through the trailers.

So for rite now I'm going to be placing the animes in the schedule first then TV shows and last but not least new movies I want to see in theaters.

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So far I have gone to several sites today. I have gone to a few of the anime forums I am signed up for I even wrote a new disqus topic. I even commented back on it. I have even asked on a anime forum about a anime I can't remember the name of. I gave a description of what I remembered and then asked if someone could help me find the name of the anime. I was even gave some ideas of some new animes I should look into.

I even was looking around online for a laptop stand with wheels that could be slid up to my recumbent exercise bike.
So far no luck finding one with the rite size. But will check a few stores in my area.

But I also wrote a post on a weight lose body building forum. I enjoy going to forums and asking questions and give helpful reply's.

So visiting forums and sites that have forums from diys to scrapbooking forums to anime forums. Are some of the things I enjoy looking for online.

So far I have been a member of a few different forums.

But I'm always looking for new forums with new ideas. So if your anything like me and enjoy talking to people about the things your into then check out forums. There a great way to go.

Plus another thing I enjoy doing online while sitting on the floor is watching previews.

I'm always looking for new forums. But so far have not found to many that keep there members coming back for more. So currently only on a few anime forums and 1 scrapbooking forum and 1 body building forum and no diys yet. Can't really find any I truly like.

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I know currently I have a exercise bike which is a recumbent bike from life cycle its a 9500hr.

I want to set it up so that it can hold my laptop and tablet. Currently it only holds a water bottle in the front of it between the seat and the handle area. Which I want to be doing some tinkering with so that it can hold my laptop or tablet. That way I can be watching a show or something while I'm on the bike. That way its a win win.

Currently working on a idea of how to make the laptop holder for my bike. And also trying to find my resistance bands there the flat ones. I also have a nice purple yoga mate that is currently in my bedroom. So far I'm going to be doing some in door exercising on my bike and also looking into basic beginner yoga. For floor exercises and also basic plank exercises.

so here's what the bike looks like.

I purchased this bike used from play it again sports in lacrosse,wi for $200.
This is a great little bike. It also came with a bottle holder. Which I find kind of cool. But I'm currently working on a way for it to hold my laptop on the handle area. But so far no luck. I'm going to be making a shelf for it though.

So that way I can be tinkering around online or playing bingo blitz while I'm riding my bike. That way its kills calories and still having fun its a win win.

I also have 2 exercise balls. I have a blue one I purchased from a store in lacrosse,wi the ball costed me about $30.00 but it will hold up to 2000 pounds its a anti burst ball and I purchased on before at which is a 1000 pound anti burst green ball for about  $20.00 which was a good ball. I still have both. But I have not tried ether of them in  while do to them being left outside during the winter last year. So far have not even aired them up all the way I have heard that if left outside in the cold it wears down the strength of the ball. so far so good though.  I just need to get things organized. once I do things will be easier to lose a few of these pounds. I also have a kinect for my xbox one I just don't have any kinect games for it yet. Once I do it will be another good exercise item.

I also have a fitbit flex just need to find it to charge it up and put it back into the band so I can use it.

I even have a few random dvds.

Friday, November 25, 2016

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Okay as you might know. I had purchased a Samsung galaxy luna black Friday for $19.88 and it was from straight talk and I was looking around online to find out how much the monthly services costed.

Samsung Galaxy Luna
But eventually I ended up going back to safelink a free phone service that is now offering bring your own phone. So my $99.99 phone is going to be put on safelink.

So here's what I did I purchased the phone last night black Friday and had it added to my count last night as well. I just had it activated today though. And I also had to do some run around calls for about a hour and a half. But eventually I had the qlink account canceled and then resigned up for a safelink account. Which should be verified in about 48 hours.

But I could have saved a bunch of time by just resigning up rather then trying to close my account. After all when you sign up for safelink or qlink the new account closes out your other account. I was told by safelink I needed to close the account myself to reactivate my old account. But there was no need for the old account since I no longer had the old phone or could remember the old number and after 6 month of not using that number it was more then likely given to someone else.

So ether way I just sign up for a new account took me less then 5 minutes. And I could have saved all that time waiting on the phone.

So ether way I will have a cheaper phone and cheaper monthly minutes there's the free account of course but there is also a few other options where you can pay a discounted fee and get something unlimited. So I will see what they have for unlimited after I get the service turned back on through safelink.

So far everything is going good.

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