Monday, November 17, 2014

When it comes to saving money for the holidays is not know what is going to happen the year your saving.

So the first thing to do is make shore your have a place to put your change. Change my not add up fast but it still adds up. After all 100 pennies is 1 dollar. And when you have them in your pocket there's no reason to spend them if you don't have too.

What I do with my change is I place it into a pretty orange can that I purchased from goodwill. Its a Chinese tea can. Here's the plan.

Every time I find change laying around the house/ Or in my pocket. I will place the coins in the can and keep going until the can is filled. Then I will take it to my bank and deposit it into my Christmas club. After all even change adds up.

Another thing I will be doing is following freebies on kcl.Krazy Coupon Lady website. There is a big list of stores such as dollar tree and walmart and walgreens.

If you keep a eye open and look at the walmart,walgreens,dollar tree stores you can sometimes find free items if you use coupons and free apps.

I'm also considering on making crafts in 2015 to make a bit if cash for the holidays. Or try blogging more when I have the time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When it comes to blogging or picking the little ones up from school. Or anything else in fact its not just about the thing you need to do. Its also about the time before and after and how to get to that point in time.

I know this dose not make much sense yet but it will.

When blogging its about sitting in a comfortable chair. And punching out the keys on your keyboard.

Personally I think its more about everything else rather then just typing and hoping people look at your posts. After all if your not properly prepared no one will even know you exist.

For bloggers that create videos you need a pc with at least basic or cheap video editing software. So you can add beginning and end credits. Plus you may want to back up your videos so if there ever deleted from the site there on you can replace them. So you may need a extra hard drive or at least be able to back up your videos on a flash drive. You will also need a good camera to do good videos after all sometimes a cheaply made webcam dose not always do the job.

If you working from a small room or bedroom. You may need a desk with extra storage or a few plastic drawers. To place your goodies into. Plus a keyboard I prefer my wireless over my corded on plus my wireless mouse. I would like to start doing videos soon but I still would need to get a camera still.

Its not all about sitting at a desk and typing. Its also about planning ahead. If you can't plan a bit ahead. Then you wont know what tomorrow will bring.

When managing time you will need to know what you want to do before you do it.

I personally have a few different solid colored notebooks plus different colored pens and highlighters. To keep track of my posts and when I post what I post about. I try to keep it as organized as I possibly can so I don't get sidetracked.

Some people use message boards I use notepads. Some use colored stick pins or push pins I use colored ink. There are many ways to managed time. But the first thing you need to do is organize your things to keep track of the time you manage.

Managing anything in life dose not mean anything if you don't have proper organization skills and the tools needed for your trade in life. After all time is like money i you can't organize bills you have no money if you can't organize your time you ave no money.

That's why some people need to take a little more time then others. To handle time management. Everybody moves at there own pace.

Good luck with your own time managing steps.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First of all people mostly plan out things like there work schedule or there dinner menu. But me oh hell no I have my TV show schedule all planned out.

The list below is not in order from favorites or least favorites just the schedule from

Hell's Kitchen (US) Season 13. 09/10/2014 Top 18 Compete Episode 1. 
"To view more info try the hell's kitchen wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at Hell's kitchen."
The Biggest Loser Season 16. 09/11/2014 Opening Day Episode 1.
"To view more info try The Biggest Loser (US) wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at The Biggest Loser."
Sleepy Hollow Season 2. 09/22/2014 This Is War Episode 1.
"To view more info try the Sleppy Hollow wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at Sleepy Hollow."
Forever Season 1. 09/22/2014 Pilot Episode 1.
"To view more info try the Forever TV Series wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at Forever."
Scorpion Season 1. 09/22/2014 Pilot Episode 1.
"to view more info try the Scorpion wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at Scorpion."
Stalker Season 1. 10/01/2014 Pilot Episode 1.
"To view more info try the Stalker Tv Series wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at Stalker."
The Vampire Diaries Season 6. 10/02/2014 I'll Remember Episode 1.
 "To view more info try The Vampire Diaries wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at The Vampire Diaries."
The Originals Season 2. 10/06/2014 Rebirth Episode 1.
"To view more info try The Originals wikipedia page. Or view the original site at The Originals."
Supernatural Season 10. 10/07/2014 Black Episode 1.
 "To view more info try the Supernatural wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at Supernatural."
Arrow Season 3. 10/08/2014 The Calm Episode 1.
 "To view more info try the Arrow wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at Arrow."
American Horror Story "Freak Show" Season 4. 10/08/2014 Monsters Among Us Episode 1.
 "To view more info try the American Horror Story wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at American Horror Story."
The Walking Dead Season 5. 10/12/2014 no sanctuary Episode 1.
 "To view more info try The Walking Dead wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at The Walking Dead."
Constantine Season 1. 10/24/2014 Pilot Episode 1.
 "To view more info try the Constantine wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at Constantine."
Elementary Season 3. 10/30/2014 Enough Nemesis To Go Around Episode 1.
 "To view more info try the Elementary wikipedia page. Or view the Original site at Elementary."

"To view a full schedule from September 1st to November 25th try looking here at Fall TV Schedule. Located at"

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First of all there are many ways to organize your craft room cheaply. I would firstly suggest plastic tumblers. Around Christmas time you can get red, green, and white. Plastic tumblers with designs on them or you can even get plain colored ones in red, green, white. As well as other Christmas colors.

You could take a cheap shelve or a 1" think board 6" or wider to make a shelve. And then make the board about 3 feet or so long and paint or stain and color you want. And then you the Plastic tumblers to hold items such as pens, pencils, Markers etc.

You could even put holes in the shelve and set the cups inside the holes so that you don't have to worry about the cups tipping over.

Another good idea would be to buy photo boxes from or in-store when there having a sale. Sometimes people use them to coral cords or even to make a cheap charging station.

Another good idea would be to check you local dollar stores mine is called a dollar tree. I had recently purchased plastic over the door hangers I bought 1 2-pack of green and 1 2-pack of purple. So each hook was only 50 cents each.

I also purchased a 2 pack of the purse hooks they will hold up to 30 pounds of weight. I bought them for 50 cents each 2 pack I bought 3 2-packs. Plus I also bought 6 fiber cloths for 50 cents each. And paper Halloween cups for 50 cents each pack I bought 4 pack. The paper cups come in handy for the kids crafts for holding paints and so on as well as using them for drinking.

The over the door hooks I'm going to use for holding my bigger purses with my mixed crafting supply's. As well as for my hanging organizers. There are many things I can use the hooks for.

I also buy my cheap baggies from there for my beads and so on.

I have been purchasing my school supplies from walmart lately. I purchased crayons such as crazart for .37 cents each I bought (4) if purchased crayons from dollar tree it would have cost me 1.00 each or maybe .50 each so walmart was cheaper. Mini stapler pink zebra stripe .97 each wood ruler 2 for .50 neon erasers 1.00 for 4.Pink, yellow, orange, purple. Good quality at a good price.

A few months ago I purchased 2 green plastic/rubbery baskets from goodwill in my local goodwill for 1.00  normally 1.00 each at dollar tree. And I can put all the supplies listed in one of them.

There are always good storage items at goodwills all year long. I have even purchased locker shelves for 2.00 for 2 normally 5 each at walmart. when school shopping. And I bought them 3 months ago.

Another good thing to look for at goodwills is plastic storage bins or even Tupperware with lids or without lids. If they have lids you can use them for pretty much anything but without lids I would be a bit more careful especially with little ones running around. I would use them to coral item in back room like hair pieces or small children's cosmetics like lip glosses or chapstick or even hand lotions in little tubes.

Just because the containers have no lids dose not mean the can't be used.

***If you have extra containers. What do you do with yours? Do you use them for crafting supplies or use them for organizing on anymore or do you just get rid of them?***

Monday, September 8, 2014

When someone says online traffic. There is more to it then just traffic. After all traffic is visitors to the sites in question.

First its online searches such as just searching for the online store name like or but when it comes to that I would look at both.

Reasons I like walmarts cheap plus size clothing section. I also like looking in there clearance section.

The reason I like amazon is well. I like there anime section they have everything from stickers to mouse pads to dvds and even body pillows. And much more just in anime. Plus I like there detailed reviews from previous purchasers. I also like the shopping cart section where on top it will show you if something dropped or went up in price.

I also like the idea of buying from the amazon store or a used version from someone just as trust worthy.

I have been buying from amazon for years. I only purchased from walmart online store once and that was my first fitness ball.

***Traffic is not all about who types your name in there url search bar. Its about what there looking for and the prices there willing to pay. As well as how much info there looking for on they items. Plus color and size etc.***

Its not always about site design its also about having what someone is looking for.