Friday, January 6, 2017

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Today I was going through my e-mails for a older account where I get hundreds of e-mails a day. And all the freebies and surveys go to my persona e-mail address. But here's the thing not all sites that offer freebies truly deliver on what there offering. So what I did was signed up for a bunch of these freebies and samples. And then the ones that follow through with there offers I sign up with a new e-mail just for free samples and remove them from my personal e-mail account. At first I only had my personal account but now I'm receiving to many e-mails a day and week so now the plan is to keep the ones that give me the stuff there actually offering and sign up with the new e-mail and completely remove myself from the other ones.

So here's what I just signed up for today!
1.Free better homes and gardens mail order magazines.
2.Family Circle.
5.Diabetes self-management one year plus free newsletter subscription.

It showed me a quick little survey with yes/no I selected no on all them then clicked continue and then it showed me a list of the magazines I had previously selected and then my address.

Here's a little tip on getting free magazines online sometimes there digital editions so you need to make shore there ether digital or mail order. Depending on what your looking for.

Here's where I got them today.

And yesterday I had signed up for a few others at Reward Survey and had order 3 different magazines from there.

I had ordered shape, entertainment weekly and real simple.

So so far I will be expecting a few new magazines in the mail. There are a total of 8 in all so far. I'm looking around online for others as well. Even some free digital magazine downloads.

Friday, December 30, 2016

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Okay if you seen my previous shopping trip post you will notice there was no clothing items listed. Here is where I will be listing the clothing. First lets start off with the goodwill since that's where we went first.

I purchased for my self a few used pieces. I got a used black/white/gray flannel mid sleeve button down shirt. Its a little short in the belly area but otherwise fits great and it was half price $2.50. Sorry no picture I'm currently wearing it.

And then I also got a few other pieces. I got a Russell size xl 46-48 jacket. $5.99 its white with green stripe down each sleeve.

I also got a Black izod ratio jacket as well. for $5.99 also.

So the goodwill clothing was 2 jackets and 1 shirt.

Wal-mart shopping is next. So okay here we go.

From wal-mart I could not find anything in my size in the women's section so the mans section was the next option.

And low and behold I found some great deals in my size.

I bought 3 pairs of Russell woven joggers 2xl 44-46.

From $19.47 to $5.00 that's a awesome deal.

I bought 2 gray stone pairs and 1 black.And I bought a nice pair of Russells pants a bit heavier polytech fleece pants for $13.00 was $19.97 size 3xl 48-50. Saving me $6.00.

Now the shorts. I bought 2 pairs wrapped in a wrapper. men's 2 pk and1 shorts. the 1 pack is the color of ebony/spicy orange. And the second pack is varsity red/black. was $8.50 for each 2 pk. But today they where $5.00 per pk. I got each pair for $2.50 a pair. You can't get a deal that good even when buying them 1 pair at a time on clearance. It was just a great day or me to buy some new clothing I guess.

well that's it for today for my shopping. I hope everyone has a great new years shopping trip also. Good luck with your deals.

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Well today is almost the new year. So I figured I should buy some new clothing and even a new jacket or at least just something a little better then what I had.

And I looked at wal-mart in tomah,wi last night and could not find the jacket I liked in my size and it was even in the mans section. So I decided to let the idea of a new jacket go last night and look at my local goodwill today.

So last night I just grabbed a few random things. I grab some cheap Christmas ornaments but there some pretty ones. There purple and gold and half price.

But now to the good stuff.

I had saved some cash by buying used today at my local goodwill and here's what I got. A brown TV dinner style cart on wheels for my exercise bike. I bought it to hold my keyboard for my pc or my laptop while I'm on the bike. The cart only costed me $3.99 and that was full price.

There are a few other items I purchase from there today also.

I made two trips to the goodwill today one was me and my brothers new girlfriend alone and then one was with his girlfriend and him. And when we went just me and her the first time I got a few nice items but no clothing and the second time I looked for clothing.

Here's what I got he first trip.

To the left you will see a black square wire desk organizer tray, a metal a-z organizer with cards from a-z and the book yoga for dummies the three items where half price but the red covered bins where not on sale. They where 3 for $1.99 there called Rubbermaid take along. And there is a package of 3 taped together.

Here are the prices of the things from the photo. Black organizer was $99 cents green tag half off. The coupon organizer thing was also half price with a price of $1.99 which made it $1.00 and the book was $4.99 half off it was $2.50. 3 plastic bowls with lids was the only thing not on sale. $1.99 for three.

Plus I also got a few other items there also.

I also got a office organizer set of leopard print organizers. There's the inbox thing with a drawer and then a 2 slot top with 3 small drawers and then the magazine organizer. The 3 sold for $2.99 each full price. So like $10.00 for the 3.

"See I think there freaking adorable. 😍"

I also got a file folder for $2.99 it was originally sold by target it still has the target sticker on the back. Its still in great shape. And I love the colors.

 Okay a few more things from today's shopping trip.

Chrome hanging organizer. $1.99.

One more item but its kind of 2. Weird I know. There called Craft Keepers there for beads and small items there plastic organizers with lids attached. They are $.99 cents each with stuff already in them. Like bandloom bands and also some beads.

Okay these are the none clothing items. Just from the first trip. Now on to the clothing items from the second trip.

Ok to view the awesome clothing deals check the next post out. "Went shopping today and found some awesome deals part 2"

Monday, December 26, 2016

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When it comes to things I enjoy!

There are lots of things I enjoy that I can't do or am not good at doing. For example I enjoy purchasing scrapbooking papers and supplies as well as crafting and sewing things. But yet I'm not all that good at these things yet. Another thing I enjoy is Japanese anime. I enjoy watching it as well as visiting forums and talking about it. I like new ones as well as older ones. I enjoy AMVS Anime Music Videos and even watching crafting and scrapbooking videos. And just random how to videos. So when you think about things that you enjoy there are many things out there that some people share there enjoyment of and when it comes down to it. Sharing is caring rite. 

So when ever I find a new anime or a new random crafting thing that I find interesting or just cool I will share it with the world. Through the blog and through the facebook page I'm about to start making. 

So please bare with me on the facebook and twitter thing. I'm still new to twitter and still need to set up the facebook thing for the blog.

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Okay I know it has been a few days since I said I was going to finish up that post about my room. But you know what we just got the big old cabinet out of here and moved my new cabinet to the corner with my TV and Computer on it now. So once I get a wall mount for the TV it should work out fine for my small crafting area.

Here are a few pictures of the cabinet.As well as measurements and a paint program image. The image is of ideas I have for the small storage behind the doors. There are 3 doors.

Okay here is a image of the biggest door with the measurements.

22" front to back, 25 & 1/2'' high, 18" side to side.

Printer is the only thing currently in there. I'm planing on putting some shelves in there as well. In behind the middle door as well as the two side doors. And placing some metal cookie sheets or full size pieces of thin sheet metal inside attached to the doors for some magnetic storage.

I know the tube thing looks weird rite. But I can probable have my uncle Lonnie cut that off for me some how. It was for the drain for the soda fountain or ices or what ever they had it for.

Currently working on some ideas but here's what I have for this door so far.

Okay so since the habitat for humanity store is only open on Wednesday thru Saturday. I will have to go there then to look for some shelf's. There normally $1.00 each shelf. Which is cheap and if I get the board long enough I can have my uncle cut them down so I can get 2 shelf's out of one board.

This is kind of a rough sketch with paint. But I think it kind of works. 

I like the way it looks in my head and on. The paint I just need to bring it to life more. And hopefully it will turn out nice.

Here is a picture from behind one of the side doors.

The size of the two side areas is small.
15" front to back, 7-1/2" side to side,25-1/2" high.

For the side areas I'm just planning on putting a few shelves side to side. And placing some little bins on them. Or even a few plastic shoe boxes with lids from wal-mart. And use them for things like extra scrapbooking scissors and then things like random little glitter bottles or small paint bottles. And just small random scrapbooking and crafting items.

I also need to get some more pegboard for my closet. For my bigger items like scrapbooking papers and embellishments and such.

So far the craft table is looking good. Just needing the shelves and a few other items.

Plus I still need to add the extra shelves into the closet for the scrapbooking and crafting supplies also.

Plus I need to figure out my new years shopping lists and binders and organizing some of the smaller items and items I have multiple things of. Hopefully things will start falling together soon. And I will be updating the site randomly for 2017. So please just keep looking back for more posts and information.

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