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Ok its 12:48 P.M. and the first thing I'm doing is planning where to put all of my magazines and scrapbooking stuff.

As you can see I need some "TLC" after all I was free.
Plus I will also be sanding down and painting a few doors for my cabinet today as well. Plus I will also need to find all of my bins and binders to put away all the tiny little bits and pieces.

I'm also wanting to finish seperating my colors for my band loom bands. I have already started this a few days ago just needing to finish it up.

Plus I also need to read some tutorials on windows 10 mobile phone since I just updated from windows 8.1 to windows 10 mobile last night.

Also working on leveling up on island experiments currently nearing the end of level 8.
Last night I decided to tinker with my Windows 10 Desktop. After all its been awhile since I have used any Tutorials from so I decided to visit the forum and take a look through there Tutorial posts. And in doing so I found 15 Tutorials I was going to do by the end of the day today.

Below is a 15 link list to each tutorial post if you wish to view other tutorials starting from the main tutorial page here's a link to that area. TenForum Tutorials

There are many many more tutorials on the forum site plus if you have a problem or question about windows ten (10) you can also ask on there for help. 
Today I decided to start tinkering with the new blogger template I had just installed on my blog.

(Downloaded and installed on 2/62016 tinkering as of  2/6-7/2016 on going)

Current projects in affect "Cabinet" in Master Bedroom/Craft Room. (2/6-7/2016 On Going)

Movie and music organizing on cell phone and in cloud and on pc. So there will be tips galore coming soon.

Shopping trip pictures and deals found online and instore also coming soon.

& more.

More info about new template design "WePress".(Link is to download page not demo page) I'm planning to tinker with abit more so I will try to post more often this year.

If you have just one for personal use or even a secondary email for freebies and coupons and samples. Organizing a email may be just what you need to think about.

First of all if your personal email has your name then a secondary one with the reason for its use should contain its name. Example
Dawnscoupons@ for example.

That way its kept more organized. Second this to try and do is make shore your browser saves the email address and password. But make shore your the only one that can access this. For example have it on only your pc or your user account.

I have firefox make shore it remembers all my email accounts even for loging into yahoo mail.

I also keep a autofill addon set up on my firefox. For filling out samples and freebies and forum sites.

I also use filters for specific email accounts.

For folders titled coupons,samples,received. And then one for forums.

That way if you receive the item place all the emails from the items you have received in the received folder. And make shore you keep a list of the items never received. After all why fill out for the same thing over and over again.

Filters and folders are the best way to go. Plus installign the yahoo toolbar and making shore you have the mail button on it will also help with knowing when you receive emails.

Plus by using mail in windows helps also.

I have my gmail and yahoo both set up in there.

I hope this helped.
Ok lets start from the beginning last night I did a clean install of windows 10 pro. And when I did I decided to wait until today to start customizing. That way I could write a post about what I did and how I did it.

Step 1 find a free background online. I like japanese water gardens and anime and japanese flowers. So I'm just going to do a search for free wallpapers and go from there.

I decided to just search under free japanese wallpapers and found this one on yahoo images.

In this search all I did was right click the image I liked and then left clicked open in new tab to see it larger and then right click the image a second time and left clicked set as desktop background.

Then a window opened saying cetered and color was black. Vary simple.

Next I'm going to change the color of the taskbar on the bottom of the screen.

Step 2 changing the color of the taskbar.

Right click on the desktop screen any empty spot will do. Next left click on personalize the first thing on the list is background. Now it will say picture in a drop down menu since there is a picture used as your wallpaper/background. which you can change to a solid color or slideshow. I'm keeping mine the wallpaper I just got. I choose to keep mine centered.
Now its colors. You can choose the color you want or let windows pick it for you.I allowed windows to pick it for me its the accent color. So this is howall 3 buttons are on.

 Depending on the color given you can also turn off the accent button and choose your own colors.

But I kind of like the orange its pretty.

Well that's the color chosse for me do to the background selected.

Nest is the lock screen. Windows currently has a image set for that for me. If you want to use the same image as your wallpaper you will need to save the image first. Just open the image and right click save as. Simple.

Step 3 lock screen.

Now if your on the lock screen you can have some simple apps display info such as weather and alarms and clock. Them are the apps I have personally selected but just choose what you want its that simple.

Next once you have made your coice for the lock screen image and the apps if any. Now we will tinker with the start section. I have 2 on 2 off. And here's why.

Show most used apps is turned on. next is Show resently added apps is off. The reason for it being off is because the newly added apps show new next to them anyway.

Use start full screen is also off.

Show resently opened items on start or taskbar jump lists. Is on.

So its on,off,off,on.

Next is show which folders are on start file explorer and settings.

I didn't want to tinker with those yet.

Now that part is done.

 I changed my wallpaper and the taskbar color and the start color and the things that show up on my start menu.

Now lest tinker with the start menu its self.

Life at a glance and play and explorer.

To edit this all you need to do is click to open the menu and then right click to edit or remove icons for the apps.

Now for example mine I removed groove music because I prefer vlc media player. And I also removed tv and movies. I also removed news and I changed the size of xbox and mail. And I changing the titles from "Life at a glance" to "Daily Use" next is "Play and Explorer" To just "Me Time".

Next is to change icons.

Now this will be fun.

example I enjoy country and rock music. So what I did was searched for the word counry in the iconarchive website and found a lovly icon for my country music collection.

Free Country Music Folder Icon

Free Hard Rock Folder Icon

there are even ones for TV shows And Movies by genre or Movie or Show.

Now here's a step on how to use these icons.

If its just a folder icon do this
1. Find the folder icon you wish to use. I selected the 2 above now click on download ico that way its a icon image. Now 2. make shore you know where its downloading to example I just place everything in the downloads folder.

3.Go to your downloads folder and move all the icons your using and place them some where else. A place where you know they wont be deleted. I choose to place mine in pictures and made a new folder titled "New Icons" simple.

4.Now once you know where your icons are just change the icons like this. For example go to your music folder and then create a new folder named "Country" and then a second one named "Hard Rock" and then move all of your music country to the new country folder and then rock to rock.

Then just right click on the folder country and then click "Properties"  left click "Customize" and then left click "Change Icon" then a second window will open with icons there don't choose anything there click browse. then when the browse window opens look to the left side for "This PC" and click to open it should say "Desktop,Documents,Downloads,Music,Pictures,Videos. Click Pictures then look in the window for your "New Icons" Folder and then left click and find the "Country" folder icon. And then click open and follow through from there. And then go to the rock.

You don't have to save them in pictures I just use pictures because there easier to find in there.

And then once the folder is changed you can then right click and then left click "Pin to start" and then you can have your music and shows right on your start under your "Me Time" Sectrion.

I'm going to make a folder for my favorite country music and favorite rock music. And place only my favorites on my start menu.

I'm going to do the same for shows and movies.

Now lets try another step for tinkering with the taskbar.

First of all you can simply right click and remove a app or program from the taskbar or start menu. But we are going to work with the taskbar.

First I don't use edge I mostly use firefox. But I'm still not ready to pin it.  So I'm going to right click edge and unpin and right click and uncheck Show task view button. Plus I'm also unpinning the store. Since its on my start menu. I also unpinned file explorer.

Now to find program icons at iconarchive.

First vlc media player. By searching "vlc" I only found 61. "Vlc media player" found 777. So its all about wording. I'm going to search for the word "japanese" found 48. I found a folder icon with pretty flowers on it. So I clicked on it and found it was by itself or in a set.

The set had a pair of headphones with pretty flowers on it. 2 different headphones actually.

So I decided to take a look at all the icons in the set which was 100. So then I took a close look at the 2 pairs and found one I liked for my VLC media player icon. Now to change the icon for the media player its the same way to change it for a folder icon. Just right click the icon and click properties and then customize and then browse and then find the icon and go from there. Simple.

But that's how to change the basic short cut. If you wish to change the actual icon its a bit more difficult.

Well that's all I have for now hope it helps.