Friday, October 9, 2015

First of all lets start with a bit of information. My PC is over 3 years old and I started with windows 7 then to a upgrade to 8 and the free upgrade to 8.1 then a free upgrade to 10 pro.

Now I'm working with a pc that has most of its hard drive filled up and that's needing a bit of me time.

So to get started I was thinking about looking for some sites and forums on windows so I could give my pc the work it deserves.

So I decided to look for a forum based on windows 10 which the current windows I'm using.

So if your also using windows 10 give the forum a look tenforums.

When I visited the site I decided to read tutorial post titles. And then go from there deciding on which tutorial could help me and my pc the most.

I decided to go with the one on the mail app, Notifications for apps. But them are the first few and I'm still viewing the tutorials to find more helpful posts.

If you enjoy this site or any other that has helped you with your pc please do not hesitate to tell me and the viewers of the sites or forums below.

The reason why I'm working on my Mail app is so I don't have to  keep opening my browser just to look for a specific E-mail and the notifications should help with that to. I will create a link collection on the right side of this blog to create a list of tutorials that I found helpful.
There has been a few things I have read online about the problems with the free upgrade to windows 10. I have read that people don't like it and then I have also heard some people do like it. I have also heard some people will down grade from the windows 10 to there previous version of windows until the problems are fixed.

But personally I don't mind the kinks. I personally only found one kink on my pc since upgrading. Which was a random flash of black screen every once and a while.

But other then that there are other cool things you can do with windows 10.

Such as you can use the mail app.  Or customize the Notifications area.

Personally I will stick with the updating as well as keep up with the site as well.

Monday, September 7, 2015

When it comes to reading obesity articles online. I see how everything is the fault of everyone and everything rather then seeing helpful information. I see a lot about how the fast food industry is to blame for obesity.

Shore those $1.00 menu items are awesome from mcdonalds and burger king. And when they send out coupons in the mail by 1 get 1 free. Great that just means when I buy 1 to scarf down I will get the second one to scarf down free.

You know what though you can just not go to the fast food place.

And just make ahead of the time meals. By following online recipes. And  you can also stop drinking soda. And sugar drinks and eating sugary foods. Like cup cakes and ice cream and chips and other not good for you foods.

The thing is you know what to do and not to do.

1.Don't drink soda, Or sugary drinks.
2.Do drink water, Or water with real fruit, Or drink packets.
3.Don't eat ice cream. Eat frozen fruit or cold snacks. Like cold veggies.
(Carrots,celery? Sorry the only 2 I can think of) LOL
4.Buy pre cut veggies or fruits. To place in fridge. Do for 2 or 3 weeks.
Till you get used to eating the snack sized containers. And then start
prepping the fruit and veggies your self.
5.Measure and weight everything. And count calories.Carbs. Count everything. And I mean everything.
6.Eat more protein and fiber. Don't eat sweets don't eat sugar. Don't go out to eat.
7.Don't skip breakfast.
8. Eat in smaller meals.

2.Find free indoor body weight exercises.
3.Find free weight lose forums.
4.Find free weight lose support sites. (Such as
5.Read weight lose articles from
6.Look up fitness magazines online and read articles. For simpler exercise plans you can customize.
7.Workout a workout plan. For at home and indoors and outdoors.
8.Create a budget for food/workout equipment.
9.Find a workout plan you enjoy or pick through exercises and create your own.
10.Find something that can motivate you and still to it like glue.

11.This is my last tip and the most important tip of all. Get help.

If your reading this you seriously need some help.

After all if you follow any of the tips listed above and actually think just knowing what to do will help. Your seriously on the wrong track.

You can read as many articles online as you want you can decide to lose weight and get fit. You can subscribe to as many youtube fitness videos the youtube world has to offer. But nothing is going to change until you actually start.

"After all a mile is walked by a single step." Yeah well that's a lie. To walk a proper mile you need $60.00 walking shoes. The are properly fitted. That are gentle on your feet. Plus you need to stretch. Plus you need a fancy water bottle that filters your water. Unless you like that nasty taste of some people tap water. Mine is nasty.

Plus you need clothing that will keep you from over heating plus you need a good pair of walking pants or shorts. And then you need to buy the shirt to match it.

And the clothing will cost you any where from 6.00 for shorts to 9.00 for pants. And if your shirt has a built in bra your looking more about 9 to 10.00.

After all a "Fat" person can't just go out walking. All the weight from the Fat will make you sweat so bad. You are over heating the first few steps. And then your feet are going to hurt. And then you are just going to want to quit.

But hay buying all the fancy stuff will make you want to at least kick your self in the butt before quitting.

That's the thing I hate about getting started with a plan to lose weight and get fit.

*"Its best to walk. 10,000 steps a day. And eat ######## calories. And get so many fitness minutes in a day and burn these calories ############ and eat these calories ### and drink this in water ######## and eat this in fruit ##### and eat this in veggies #####.

And also do this and this and that and that. And low and behold before you even know it you can lose. Wait for it! Wait for it!

on average of 2 or 3 pounds a week. YEAH BABY. With someone 5'3" and weighing 359.2 pounds.

Yup all that planning and spending just to lose 2 or 3 pounds a week. Yup that's the way to go.

What I really am trying to say to everyone who is going to read this is this. Don't buy the expensive stuff. Don't buy the foods your not going to eat. Don't start out at 10,000 steps. And feel physically sick and hurt inside for not being able to make the 10,000.

Just stick with starting up slow and building up as you go.

Monday, November 17, 2014

When it comes to saving money for the holidays is not know what is going to happen the year your saving.

So the first thing to do is make shore your have a place to put your change. Change my not add up fast but it still adds up. After all 100 pennies is 1 dollar. And when you have them in your pocket there's no reason to spend them if you don't have too.

What I do with my change is I place it into a pretty orange can that I purchased from goodwill. Its a Chinese tea can. Here's the plan.

Every time I find change laying around the house/ Or in my pocket. I will place the coins in the can and keep going until the can is filled. Then I will take it to my bank and deposit it into my Christmas club. After all even change adds up.

Another thing I will be doing is following freebies on kcl.Krazy Coupon Lady website. There is a big list of stores such as dollar tree and walmart and walgreens.

If you keep a eye open and look at the walmart,walgreens,dollar tree stores you can sometimes find free items if you use coupons and free apps.

I'm also considering on making crafts in 2015 to make a bit if cash for the holidays. Or try blogging more when I have the time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When it comes to blogging or picking the little ones up from school. Or anything else in fact its not just about the thing you need to do. Its also about the time before and after and how to get to that point in time.

I know this dose not make much sense yet but it will.

When blogging its about sitting in a comfortable chair. And punching out the keys on your keyboard.

Personally I think its more about everything else rather then just typing and hoping people look at your posts. After all if your not properly prepared no one will even know you exist.

For bloggers that create videos you need a pc with at least basic or cheap video editing software. So you can add beginning and end credits. Plus you may want to back up your videos so if there ever deleted from the site there on you can replace them. So you may need a extra hard drive or at least be able to back up your videos on a flash drive. You will also need a good camera to do good videos after all sometimes a cheaply made webcam dose not always do the job.

If you working from a small room or bedroom. You may need a desk with extra storage or a few plastic drawers. To place your goodies into. Plus a keyboard I prefer my wireless over my corded on plus my wireless mouse. I would like to start doing videos soon but I still would need to get a camera still.

Its not all about sitting at a desk and typing. Its also about planning ahead. If you can't plan a bit ahead. Then you wont know what tomorrow will bring.

When managing time you will need to know what you want to do before you do it.

I personally have a few different solid colored notebooks plus different colored pens and highlighters. To keep track of my posts and when I post what I post about. I try to keep it as organized as I possibly can so I don't get sidetracked.

Some people use message boards I use notepads. Some use colored stick pins or push pins I use colored ink. There are many ways to managed time. But the first thing you need to do is organize your things to keep track of the time you manage.

Managing anything in life dose not mean anything if you don't have proper organization skills and the tools needed for your trade in life. After all time is like money i you can't organize bills you have no money if you can't organize your time you ave no money.

That's why some people need to take a little more time then others. To handle time management. Everybody moves at there own pace.

Good luck with your own time managing steps.