Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A little over 2 years ago I had purchased a brand new Desktop Computer its a Emachine EL1360G-UW12P HDMI. The day I purchased it I got it with windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit I had seen online that by purchasing that computer or a few others there was a deal on upgrading to windows 8. I had purchased the upgrade the same day but only started using it like 2 or so months ago.

The same day I had upgraded to windows 8 I had decided to use the free 8.1 update. The only problem was every time I would go to the windows store app on the main windows 8 page the free upgrade was not there so I had to run the anytime updater all night long just to be able to upgrade from 8 to 8.1 t it was totally worth it.

Once I had upgraded I decided to make my Desktop PC more my own so to speck.

I am a fan of Japanese anime and music so I decided on going for a Japanese icon pack.

The icon pack I choose was put on Iconarchive  "I placed a large sized image of just a few of the icons below."

"Yorisuki Icon Set BY Hybridworks"

As you can see from the image of my desktop screen photo below. You will notice that I used most of the icons from this set except for the "This PC" I still also need to change the icon for my Control Panel. My VLC media player is a Throwing Star.

I didn't really know much about how to change to icons. The only way I knew about was to right click and going to the customizer. but that was not working out to well for me. So I decided to look around online to find some help with changing a few icons."By the way the dongo icon came from Sakura Icon set also by Hybridworks

So by going to and I had found a few different ways to change the icons I wanted to change. I was able to change the main folder icons as well as some program icons as well as  a few file type icons.

This is the folder I choose.
Folder Icon - Change Windows 7 Default Folder Icon
 Above also worked for my windows 8.1
Above also worked for me in windows 8.1 "I used option two." The Icons used are below.

I also found a way to change the file type icons. Instead of the boring orange cone for VLC media player now I have a silver throwing star for the program icon and then 2 types of icons for my videos and mp3 files.

Above image is what my new File Extensions look like. I have so far only changed my .mp3 .mp4.
 How to Change the Default Icon of a File Extension in Windows 7

My wallpaper is a Hybrid works wallpaper I used the day and night in a slideshow in my windows 8.1 and just used the 2 images and they slide every few minutes.

Here's a link for the day image
and here's a link for the night image

The images can be downloaded from or you can get them when you download the full icon set. It will be under Desktop Pictures once opened. It kind of gives it a really unique look to the icons and pulls it all together.

I'm still tinkering with my desktop icons from time to time. I'm going to be working on the left side in a few days.To clean it up a bit.

Friday, February 14, 2014

If you are alone this Valentines Day. Have no fear and shed no tears. You are not alone this year or any other. We are here for you. I may not know your name or where your from but I am your friend. I am your Valentine.

So don't fear the lone some do as I do on this oh so lonesome I could cry Valentines day.

Steps on how to beat a lonesome Valentines day.

1.Take a deeeeeeeeeeeeep breath and think of all your evil ex's past. And thank god your not with them anymore.

2.Ex hale.

3.Find some ice cream in your freezer. Find some comfortable clothing. And watch funny stupid shit on or watch the videos below.

In the play list below there is Jeff Dunham Arguing with myself. As well as "Aloha Fluffy:Gabriel Iglesias LIVE from Hawaii" and Gabriel Iglesias Im Not Fat Im Fluffy.

3 movies that will make you laugh so hard you will cry and maybe even pee a little.LOL.

Good luck to you on this Valentines Day.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

When is the best time to purchase a gym membership. I have heard the best time is in January. To be honest I don't think that is the best time unless you live some where hot where you can go out running to the gym in your shorts or comfortable fitness clothing.

If you can't make a routine to visit the gym for the entirety of the membership there is no point in getting one.

So I think gym memberships are out of the question until you know you can make it. After all why pay for what you can't use or enjoy.

If you can get a trial membership and get at least one personal trainer day just to get the basics. That would be better then nothing.

If your just getting started with exercising.

I would suggest. Start with freebies like walking outside or indoors. And if you don't like walking alone go to walk at home and watch some of her videos I think I could do her video "Try it!" all day long. Once you register for a free account on walk at home. You will be getting access to free walking videos as well as tools and other goodies.

"Around 100 zillion people sign up for gym memberships in January. And the reasons fore that is resolutions, resolutions and resolutions. And there is nothing wrong with signing up for a gym membership but if you sign up for a full year and only go twice in a month is it really worth it. I personally don't think so."

The thing is if your going to pay for a full year don't do it in January. Because this is what you are thinking in Janurary.

"OK to much pumpkin pie in November and then the turkey and the cool whip. After all can't have pumpkin slash apple slash blueberry slash cherry pie on thanksgiving without cool whip. OK to much of this and this and this added up to 3,000 cheat days. Now how do I work it all of by Christmas. Because you no your going to be sent cookies or even buy some cookies and more turkey and pies for Christmas. OK time to figure out my food journal."

By the time you get done figuring up your 3,000 cheat days from thanksgiving and then only working off 10 of those days do too to much snow or being to dam cold to walk 100  miles to burn of 10 more cheat days. You decide "I have an idea. I will just make a resolution to burn off those cheat days and get a gym membership and then 01/01/2014 you buy a membership and then 01/30/2014 you think dam that's to hard I will just quit.

So why sign up to soon. First make shore you can do half of what is already at the gym at home. And then once its to easy at home then go to the gym. For as cheaply as you can.

So even after reading this post you still want to sign up for a gym membership then look around first.

First look at work. For example if there is something at work like a walking group see if you can join in on the walks even if its just a few blocks during lunch break. Walking alone sucks so walking in a group would be great.

If you can connect with someone at work that has a gym membership you maybe able to get a discount from them like with satellite.For example "If someone signs up for your satellite you and that person get a discount on your bill and there bill just by using a coupon with there name and code on it."

Or by signing up as a pair or small group. That would also work to get a discount.

I think that the first of the year is the worst time to sign up for a gym membership. Because so many things can change by march or April. So just consider your options at home or at a friends first. If you have a friend 5 blocks from you call her or him like on a Monday and ask if you can come over when he or she is not to busy. And take turns using there gym equipment. Take turns back and forth.

Take advantage of what ever you can and only get a gym membership when you know you can go there 3 or 4 times a week to lift weights and use the treadmill and do laps in the pool if there is one.

There is always a better and cheaper way then to getting a membership you will not use more then a few weeks or 3 months.

Friday, January 17, 2014

You have more then likely thought this yourself many times."When is the best time?" When I say what is the best time what do you think of first. When is the best time to purchase a gym membership. Or perhaps when is the best time to clean your bedroom. Or even when is the best time to purchase new clothing.

Well to tell you the truth there are many different times and places and reason and ways.

When it comes to shopping for clothing. You can save more on name brands like Nike and Tommy Hilfiger at places like garage sales or even at goodwills. You can even buy brand new items without the tags removed.

But the thing is when is the best time. In my area every Sunday the tag colors at our goodwills change. There the same color in the area but from Sunday to Sunday there are different sale colors. Of 50% off.  I think the best days to go would be on Saturday and Sunday both. That way you can get good deals at the end of the week as well as the new color sales.

There is also a nice sized clearance rack that drops everything too $1.00 to $3.00. But only clothing and you may get a pair of jean in plus plus size for as low as $3.00 when originally the same tag color that was on sale for 50% off is now even cheaper.

And walmarts I love going to my local walmart when its just starting to get a bit cooler outside. Do to the fact that danskin shits like t-shirts and tank tops with built in bras are as cheap as $1.00. And pants as cheap as $3.00. And jackets not bad ether. Just because the time of the year.

And clothing like pj's and nightgowns are cheap at walmart once valentines day is over.

The best time to buy is rite after the holidays. But what holidays are worth waiting for. Everyone says black Friday is the best time to buy. But when it comes to a item being half off or more then I would jump at that.

For example this week I purchased a TV wall mount for my 32" TV I needed to down size my computer desk that takes up to much room in my bedroom. So I purchased a "MF608B VideoSecu Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 23"- 65" LCD LED Plasma TV Flat Panel Screen with VESA 200x100 to 600x400mm, Bonus 10 ft HDMI Cable and Magnetic Bubble Level BBM"

I did not go looking for a sale on TV wall mounts all over the internet. Because I new that amazon has many different name brands at many different prices.So once I new the size I needed I just started looking at prices after. So now I have a wall mount for my bedroom and if I want I can always upgrade the size of my TV. Without needing to buy a whole new wall mount. Why spend more then you have too.

When it comes to shopping at the rite time you need to be the one to decide. Will you be the one to buy the item for 30% off or wait and see if it will go lower. And then take it for a steal at 50/60 or even 70% off.

The thing about buying at the rite time is its all about what the buyer wants.

I bought the above TV mount because it would fit my 32" plus bigger if I ever decided to upgrade and it also comes with a 10 ft HDMI cord that I also needed to buy and a level to make shore the TV is well level.

So when buy a cord why buy a level when this has it all. Plus it also had a 4-1/2 star rating plus 1,175 5 star ratings. Once I seen the ratings I was sold. Price was awesome but why buy what just wont work. So I read 3 reviews and I was sold.

So from my point of view. If your willing to buy name brand used to save a few bucks and are willing to wait a week or even 1 day after the holidays just to get a good deal then by all means shop till you drop.

After all who wouldn't want to save some money.

When is the best time part 2 released on 18th of January.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Saturday the 11TH there was the first trailer for the TV show Game of Thrones Season 4. I first seen it through a post on facebook. And I thought freaking awesome I can't wait. But then I thought ok how long do I have to wait. Then I seen the date for april 6TH.

Oh my freaking goodness. I need to wait the rest of January and then all of February and then all of march. And then 5 days of April. I think maybe its a bit to soon to be giving everyone so much hope.

But hay that's just my opinion. After all what do I know.

I think maybe it would be nice for a countdown on facebook with a daily quote from game of thrones that can be shared. Or maybe a daily countdown and then on Sundays do a character profile with there best pic from the series.

I think having to wait the whole time would be a bit boring.