Sunday, October 23, 2016

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Thursday the 20th of October I spoke with my dietitian about a few things including weight loss surgery. I spoke with my doctor about my weight in September and I was told to contact the weight management center in gundersen in lacrosse,wi. I set up my appointment for October 7th and canceled it. My dietitian told me Thursday I did not need to go to lacrosse to have my appointments I could just have her help get me started for the weight loss surgery.

And then I remembered that my doctor told me she could also prescribe me a weight loss pill. But the program in lacrosse works better found helping with weight loss.

But the thing is I have never really tried dieting before on my own. I started with my dietitian rite out of the gate. But now I'm considering the pills just to see if they can help get me started. And I'm also looking into a gym membership.

After all if you watch what you eat and exercise that's how you loss weight. So just starting out I'm going to see if I can get the pills and go from there if that dose not work.

I don't want to worry about trying to loss as much weight as I can just to get the surgery. If I can lose it and keep it off without the surgery then that's the way I want to do it. But If I need it then I will go for it. But lets try the none surgery options first.

Like for example my dietitian told me to cut back to 3 cups of dairy a day. I love me my milk and yogurt.

And then there was a few other tips she gave me like walk a mile a day everyday and then bike 2 miles or 10 minutes on indoor exercise bike weekends. Increase fluids to 8-11 cups daily. Try to have 3 or more food groups a meal. Stop eating in front of the tv or computer. That was the plan as of the 20th until November 10.

We will add more things then.

She even gave me a bit of information about a high fiber diet. And we talked a little about myplate. Which I will be signing up for after publishing this post.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

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I know I know who the hell dose something like that. Well I just did that's who. A lot has changed for me in the last 2 months I went from living in my own 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with my older sister and her fiancee and there 2 kids off and on. And even my sister fiancees brother and even my older brother and his girl friend.  In the month of august I had 6 adults living in my mobile home all at one time.

So off from a crazy living condition to more manageable I currently only have 1 roommate his name is Dan. And he has 1 bedroom I have the other and now I have a spare bedroom. So not so crazy anymore in my house.

So there is going to be a change in the way I will be posting and the way the blog looks and feels.

First of all I will be doing a few different things in my home off and on so when I do something I will try to post it all on here. Plus there has been a few changes in my healthy living plan.

Since I don't have my own transportation I am planning on trying to live a bit more healthy. So when I go shopping I will try to find good deals online. And will try to keep a quick little write up of my receipts.

And to that note I'm off to to try and find something a bit styling for the new style of the blog.

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